Cover Letter

Cover Letters

Tell us about you!  We use the concept of a cover letter for the purpose of gleaning more about your ambitions in joining our team.  There are lots of companies providing caregiving services who are currently searching for qualified candidates.  We want to know why you would best fit with us.  Give us some insight into what attracts you to this kind of work, how you think you can benefit our crew, some of the care attributes you possess, and any information pertinent to how you will deliver performance excellence in your new position.  You are welcom to use a cover letter template if you’d like, but a simple Word document will suffice. 

Here are a few examples of a cover letter for your reference.  Please email us at for additional assistance.


Dear Hiring Manager,

My name is Susie Q and I am extremely excited to be applying for an LCA position with Pathlight!  I have reviewed the hiring requirements for perspective candidates, and I believe I will fit perfectly with your organization’s vision for providing unparalleled services to our elderly community.  I really appreciate the concept of keeping seniors active and engaged in their daily living.  I believe that I can help in providing elderly clients a calm, safe, and enjoyable environment in which they will thrive!

While I have never worked in this field before, I think I possess some really great attributes necessary to do this job well.  I have been a stay-at-home mom to two beautiful children for the last 12 years.  “Mom” is definitely an unpaid job that requires me to exhibit patience, kindness, and problem-solving skills.  And it also means that I need to work as a team with my husband to find the best solution for our family unit.  I feel I can apply these talents to being an awesome LCA who really cares about her clients.  I feel like this kind of position goes well beyond the normal parameters of a typical hourly position; you become family, and I know quite a lot about family!

I did have the fortunate opportunity to be a helping hand in an unfortunate situation.  A few years ago, my neighbor suddenly lost his wife of 22 years.  He was devastated to lose the love of his life and lonely with his children grown and moved away.  My small children and I would visit him a few times a week during the day, sometimes bringing him lunch.  My children saw the value in helping a neighbor in need, my neighbor greatly enjoyed the company, and I benefited from learning about his fascinating life as a professor of geology at a local college.  Who knew rocks were so interesting?!  I believe that this made me a better person, and made me realize I can do so much good for another person with such a simple gesture.  I would like to continue this now that I’m once again entering the workforce.

I truly hope you will review my application and agree with me that I could be a great addition to your team.  I would love to have the opportunity to discuss this further and discover all the possibilities the future can bring!


Susie Q

Dear Candidate Consideration Team,

I am thrilled to have discovered this wonderful opportunity to work with the elderly in such a unique way!  I have been searching for a new, rewarding career path that allows me to help others while using my own special, people-oriented talents.  I believe I would make a great addition to your team!  This opportunity seems to really have lots of possibilities, and I look forward to growing with the company vision.

I have worked as a teacher for several years, helping to shape the minds of tomorrow.  I have loved my job with our youth, but have found that I need more flexibility in my life so that I may be free to pursue other interests very important to me.  Working with children, I have learned how to manage all different types of personalities and challenges thoughtfully and consistently.  I am extremely organized and creative.  I like the uncertainty of situations and solving dilemmas as they arise.  I enjoy being an advocate for those who have trouble finding their voice.  I believe we should respect everyone’s opinions about their own life, so I really like how Pathlight works to make their clients involved in their life choices.

I have always enjoyed the elderly.  My grandmother was my favorite person until her passing.  I remember so many afternoons spent watching her in the kitchen making bread and listening to her big band music.  She taught me to be kind, gracious, and respect my elders.  I’m grateful for the light she brought to my life, and would like the opportunity to help another person by bringing a little light into their world.

I think I would really be a wonderful addition to Pathlight.  I have a lot of ideas about providing fun, safe activities for the elderly clients.  I’m attentive, focused, and driven to help others.  I work well with a team and love brainstorming.  I did work briefly volunteer for a meal delivery service for the underprivilged in college, serving a lot of homebound seniors.  I greatly appreciated the impact that had on my life, and wish to do more in our community.

I think I can bring a unique perspective to this mission and would like the opportunity to try.  I look forward to your response.  I hope that together, we will bring joy to the faces of our very deserving seniors.



John Q