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Fusing the aura of love, genuine compassion, and a sentiment of care to reach your desired goals

Our Programs

One size does not fit all. That’s why we have designed our plans to be fully customizable, intended to meet your unique needs and preferences. We take pride in offering a personalized service that checks all the boxes, ensuring that every aspect of our programs is tailored to your specific requirements. The best part is that everything falls under budget with a $27/hour starting rate.

Lifecare Complete (like Path Life Complete)

The flagship and the OG of our care platform. Lifecare is a full, all-encompassing focus on enhancing life and health experiences, all achievable within a home environment. This service focuses on life enrichment, fulfillment, safety, health goals, and personal pursuits, all accomplished in a comfortable, familiar setting. This is an evolving union between our clients and the care team. It grows and metamorphoses as we work to improve the quality and condition of our clients’ lives. We utilized technologies and outside resources to support and enhance the quality of our services while employing agents of kindness and compassion to set and execute objectives.

Lifecare Complete

Tradition meets excellence. Lifecare Complete’s platform results from years of development and refinement in our mission to support ideal aging in place. Our goal is to ensure that you feel happy, healthy, and safe in the comfort of your own home. We recognize that everyone’s care needs differ, so our program is designed to be all-encompassing and multidisciplinary. Whether you require basic care or a more comprehensive program, our team is dedicated to providing personalized solutions that fit your unique circumstance. Our mission is to put you in control, giving you the freedom to stay in your home for as long as you desire. Our team comes to you, providing care wherever you may be on your journey. We believe that aging in place should be a choice that is available to everyone, and we are committed to making that a reality for all our clients.


Like the friends who are always there for you, so are we. Our CareLite services are designed to provide all the essential support you need while offering increased flexibility, shorter visits, and affordable pricing options. We believe in empowering our clients to live their lives to the fullest, and we strive to make that possible by providing them with versatile care options tailored to their unique situations. Access premium care on your own terms in the best way you see fit. All the essentials but with increased flexibility, shorter visits, and a more manageable budget. We focus on empowering you to live your fullest life. So, if you’re looking to add quality to your life but don’t need the dedication of full-scale care, CareLite may be just what you’re looking for.

Continuous Care

We understand that some individuals require prolonged regular care that requires a greater level of attention and focus. That’s why we created our immersive care program, which offers exceptional care services for extended durations. Our program provides the same high-quality care that we are known for, with an added focus on continuity of care, maintaining standards, and enhancing team communication to ensure the best possible care experience. Receive professional care by a competent team of familiar faces while enjoying the benefits of staying in your own home.

Care Plus

Find your peace knowing you or your loved one will always be on our mind. Paired with one of our common services, this program allows for in-person visits complemented with supplementary contact via phone, text, or video chat. Any communication attempt that goes unanswered is followed up with a personal visit to the residence. 

WholeBeing Wellness

Having someone in your corner to check in and offer their support can make all the difference.  Our wellness checks are short and sweet friendly visits focusing completely on you. Flexible scheduling allows you to receive quick, simple visits that meet your needs on your terms. During our visits, we listen to you and review your living situation and look for any safety concerns. We can connect you with several resources in the community to make your conditions as comfortable as possible. We work hard to ensure you get to keep your independence and maintain your living standards.


Care for the caregivers. Everyone needs to catch their breath and recharge. We provide intermittent visits for caregiver relief at your discretion. We emphasize consistency and use calming transition techniques to maintain stability in the household environment. Take comfort in knowing your loved one will be safe and cared for by professionals who want to make a positive difference in our clients’ lives as well as yours.

CareLite (Qualification Based)

This is for the adventuring senior who wants to live life to the fullest and does not require a more involved solution like traditional care. Must have general cognitive self-sufficiency and manageable mobility issues. A little more relaxed and like a good friend/neighbor stopping by to assist. Focused on having an enjoyable experience.


  • More independent clients who are looking for extra support in their lives Aren’t as concerned about creating long-term care goals and accomplishing them.
  • Goals are fine, but there is a distinct difference between Life care goals aiming to improve the state of the client’s life and setting goals to enhance as pacific aspect of a client’s life (lose 5 lbs. by being more active).
  • Life care is created with the team and tracked. Care Lite goals are independently developed by the client with team support and can be abandoned whenever it changes course.
  • Strong focus on enjoying the visit with our team. Getting things done. Feeling empowered and supported. Socializing and stimulating the mind.
  • Going for a walk, not because it is necessary for the care plan, but because it is enjoyable, and exercise helps all aspects of a person’s wellness.
  • Very versatile and adaptable on a whim. This is like a close friend or a personal assistant. Always ready, willing, and available with a smile on their face. Fewer visits are needed in shorter periods. This service is secondary to their daily life.

Continuous Care

Ongoing care for those who need help day and night. Discounted rate available depending on arrangements of care. A set team will constantly communicate to provide updates to the team and any authorized family, friends, or legal guardians. They scheduled staff meetings for all care team members as well as regular check-ins from senior staff for effective supervision. Provides a professional care setting within the home for clients needing approximately 100 or more hours. Allows clients to remain in their own homes and be entirely supported.


  • The closest offering we have to the “live-in” option. For those who have a higher quantity of weekly care Hours.
  • Small, capable team with the option of longer visits and better opportunities for consistency.
  • Hybrid option of available that can include all alert staff shifts or overnight resting shifts.
  • Discounted based on assessment.

WellHealth Check-Ups (developing)

An emerging service intended to provide general oversight and advice for ongoing health concerns and improve the client’s overall health and welfare. Typical candidates would be self-sufficient but may want other eyes on their fitness to maintain or improve their situation or to accurately report to their primary health professional. As we advance our mission, this service will evolve.


  • At the direction of and reviewed by an RN.
  • RN available for discussion of visit results
  • Measurements of crucial health metrics as well as medication review, medication dispensing, organization, and medication research for information only. *Will not alter the treatment plan.
  • Eases the mind of those experiencing health events with additional support from a professional.

Whole Being Wellness Check-Ins (developing)

Quick, simple visits to review the state of living and ensure all is going according to plan. Also, to inquire about any needs or thoughts the client may have. A connection to resources and options to keep them going or if family or friends would like to have updates on how they are doing.


  • Performed by professionals with experience in proper techniques.
  • Additional service that can be achieved will another care team member is present or on their own.
  • Focus on the comprehensive approach that targets several senses simultaneously.

Separation Bath Bliss

(Developing)Sensation elation. In-home spa experience redefines the bathing experience. There are many options to choose from, starting with a comfortable visit in the privacy of your home. For some, this is the event of the day.


  • Quick, 20-ish mini-visits.
  • Will help as much as they can with needs during a visit, but not meant to replace a traditional visit.
  • Good for checking in and reporting to family/responsible party about observation.
  • Brief, unofficial subjective health assessments, not medical advice (vitals and review of things like gait, memory, happiness, safety, etc.)

care plus

For that little extra something. This program offers more oversight for peace of mind outside our in-person visits. Regular Lifecare visits are complemented by supplementary contact via phone or text.


  • Similar to Lifecare but with extra something.
  • Great way to ensure the client is safe and thriving in their home.
  • Unanswered phone calls are investigated by having someone go to the home and ensure they are okay.


Florence Nightingale in the modern era. Assistance with recovery from an illness, injury, or procedure. Short-term programs that aid in getting clients back on their feet in record time. Devotion to healing and recovery while emphasizing compassion in an attentive, patient manner.


  • Typically, short-term but can be for longer times or transition into Lifecare.
  • Experienced care team only.
  • Team consults RN as needed .
  • Follows instructions from the medical team overseeing the care while including holistic integration opportunities for comfort and stress reduction for a calm, healing environment.


Intermittent visits for caregiver relief. For those who need time to recharge and peace of mind, their loved one will be adequately and lovingly cared for.


  • Must have an assessment before a visit.
  • Frequency and duration of stay determined by the client .
  • Scheduled visits can accommodate almost any need.
  • Urgent visits are possible, depending on availability.
  • Emphasis on keeping the household atmosphere unchanged and limiting stress on the client.

Core Care

The client has typical, manageable needs with little oversight


More input is needed due to mental, physical, emotional, and personal needs with early diagnosis of health disorders and milder symptoms


Ongoing RN overview for more comprehensive medical needs. Still non-medical, but better guidance with crafting care. More dedication by the team to brainstorm together. Advanced stages of diagnoses with progressive symptoms or particular areas of concern need more attention and a comprehensive plan.

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